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Rothschild 'You Tube' Video = Linx

The Jewish House of Rothschild, headquartered in the CITY of = London, UK,=20 is the richest
and most powerful transnational empire on Earth. This = small=20 cabal of International Jewish Bankers
owns and controls 1/2 of the = world's=20 accumulated wealth; roughly 500 TRILLION Dollars. Gold is their=20 currency.
International Fascist Rothschild JEWRY is THE source of ALL = evil,=20 death, terrorism and destruction in our world.

Rothschild Video Linx:

1. Rothschild's=20 Gold
2. Rothschild's=20 Choice (10 part series) by Texe Marrs
3. Lord=20 Rothschild: King of England-The World's Master Banker
4. Rothschild and the = US Federal=20 Reserve
5. The=20 Rothschild's Exposed- 3 part series
6. Rothschild:=20 The World's Wealthiest Family
7. Rothschild's=20 World
8. The=20 Rothschilds
9. The=20 Jewish House of Rothschild
10. Rothschild=20 Zionist Temple Mount Israel 666 WWIII
11. Economic=20 Collapse- Rothschild Style
12. Criminal=20 Rothschilds
13. International=20 Rothschild Bankers
14. Rothschild=20 Jews Control the World